Gaim Finale Countdown [x]
↳ 9/18 - Energy Riders

"This one is much more dangerous than the prototype."
-Sengoku Ryouma


Lord give me strength.

Shotaro: What about that lookup?
Philip: I can't, it's impossible.
Shotaro: What, why?
Philip: When I woke up from our last transformation Mick was asleep on my chest. I am currently devising a method of removing him without waking him.
Shotaro: Ah, mou!
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gaimfinalecountdown (9/17) Nut Riders

It’s sloppy but I needed to draw them. Nuts have my heart.


gaimfinalecountdown day four (9/18): Energy Riders

(best view)

Gaim Finale Countdown

[9/18] Energy Riders - Minato Yoko


Trying to hop on the bandwagon again




Here they sang about tomorrow
And tomorrow never came

Gaim Finale Countdown [Non Riders]

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flips the table


rewrites yokos character because im not accpeting this bullshit

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and yokos death is another reason i just want gaim to end

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Im even less ready for micchy

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…I am very confused right now…

I’ll field this one:

  • In Decade, a “story” is effectively a person’s nature, or reason to be - part of their soul, if you will.
  • Wataru and Narutaki mostly, if not always call Tsukasa “Decade” because they don’t think of him as a person, merely a destructive force. Wataru thinks Decade has no story because he is pure destruction and a necessary evil, while Narutaki here is enjoying the havoc Decade is wreaking on the other Riders. (For once, it’s all going Narutaki’s way.)
  • Throughout the show, Tsukasa changes forms. Literally as Decade, and as a human (with his different roles in the various worlds), but also figuratively between a self-satisfied troll, an ultimately caring person and a dark force of evil. Tsukasa spends the whole show helping the other Riders find their “story” - he is key to helping them learn (or remember) who they really are. (Also note that pretty much everyone starts off calling Tsukasa ‘Decade’ and ends up calling him by his real name.)
  • So here, in the final picture, Tsukasa is declaring Narutaki and Wataru wrong. He is out to write his own story - not merely a part of other peoples’. Through his character development with the other Riders, Tsukasa is finding out his reason to be.

Four for you, Memcoco. You go, Memcoco!

I always thought they were referencing how Decade’s original purpose was to just be anniversary fanservice. Maybe Tsukasa’s comments were meant to foreshadow how he’s appeared in quite a few crossovers and how his story doesn’t function like a normal Rider’s (his story being intertwined with others instead of being put in just one series).

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ive been corrected by a class mate that its pronounced phi in english

my teacher is chinese and pronounces it “faiz” and in japanese it sounds ismiliar

so the the phone part is a pun of 555 thing and the pronouciation of it in japanese maybe idk when will this class be over

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